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I wish to express my thanks to everyone who offered criticism and help for the preparation of this book. This book has come together by the grace of Lord Kåñëa and my spiritual master, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupäda, and with the help of devotees who, despite their own engagements and projects, found the time to assist in whatever way they could. In particular, I would like to thank Umäpati däsa for his invaluable help in editing the book and for his advice and dedication; His Holiness Jayädvaita Swami for his expert advice and his polishing of the final manuscript; Taponidhi däsa for composing and designing the book; Viläsiné däsé for proofreading and indexing; Satyaräja däsa for his research; Mukhya däsé, Kiçoré däsé, and Kanté däsé for eagerly sharing their culinary secrets; Anandiné däsé and Aharada däsé for enthusiastically and diligently kitchen-testing all the recipes; and my wife, Mahämedha däsé, for putting family considerations aside in order to help in many ways.

Special thanks to Boutique Gerard Willi and Kishori Boutique, in Paris, for their loan of Indian accessories for the photographs.

Editor’s Note
Most of the italicized words in this book are listed in the glossary with a pronunciation guide.
The people referred to in this book with Sanskrit names are initiated members of the Hare Kåñëa movement.