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According to the Äyur-veda, drinking enough liquid to fill a fourth of the stomach during a meal aids digestion. Between meals, drinking can serve not only to quench thirst but also to cool the body when it’s hot, or warm it when cool.
Drinks made from yogurt, such as lassi, cool the body. So enjoy them during the summer, but avoid them before retiring or when the body is cool, especially in winter. Lemon can be useful any time of year. Ginger tea with lemon and a little honey fortifies the body against colds in the winter. And lemon drinks such as nimbu pani and jeera pani are refreshing in the summer. When you plan to serve a sweet drink on a hot day, make the drink in advance and use some of the drink to make ice cubes to serve with it. If you are in a hurry, superfine granulated sugar dissolves in just a few seconds.

The best drink for warming the body is piping-hot cow’s milk. The Äyur-veda says that milk also nourishes the cerebral tissues—but you have to drink it hot for the digestive system to extract its subtle properties. Therefore, always boil milk before serving it, unless it’s to be drunk as soon as it comes from the cow.

The Vedas say that a comfortable seat, a beverage, and some friendly words are the least one should offer any guest, be he friend or foe. No prepared beverages on hand? Then serve a glass of water to your guest.

Nimbu pani

Jeera pani

Adrak chai

Gulab sherbet

Phal ka ras


Namkin lassi

Mithi lassi

Garam doodh

Masala doodh

Narial doodh