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Jeera pani
(Cumin and tamarind drink)

Preparation and cooking time: 40 min
6 oz (175 g) tamarind, broken into small pieces
1/2 teaspoon garam masala
3 tablespoon brown sugar
2 cups (475 ml) water
1 pinch salt
3 teaspoon finely grated fresh ginger
4 cups (950 ml) ice water
crushed ice, mint leaves and slices of lemon for garnish
2 teaspoon cumin seeds, toasted and ground

Boil the tamarind in the water for 15 minutes. Then extract as much juice and pulp from it as possible by forcing it through a strainer —several times if necessary. Add all the other ingredients to this juice, mix well, and let stand for 15 minutes. Then filter through a piece of cheesecloth. Chill.

Just before serving, dilute the juice with the ice water. Put crushed ice in each serving. Garnish with mint leaves and a slice of lemon or lime.