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Beans and legumes are not only rich in essential iron, vitamin B, and proteins, but they're also delious! Here are some of the many interesting ways to use them.

Israeli Chickpea Croquettes (Falafel)

Buckwheat Puffs

Lima-Bean and Cheese Croquettes

Tomato 'Omelette'

Spicy Beans with Corn Chips (Nachos)

Dal Rissoles (Baras) Baked in Buttermilk

Gopal's Famous Vegie-Nut Burgers

Mexican-Style Beans and Salad on Fried Tortilla (Tacos)

Curred Chick-peas

Vegetarian Chili

Chana Dal with Potatoes

Dal Dumplings in Yogurt with Tamarind Sauce (Dahi Bada)